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Home > Christian Educators Fellowship > Professional Development > Networking > Christian Educators Fellowship Chapters > An Order for the Installation of Officers

An Order for the Installation of Officers

Christian Educators Fellowship Chapters


Dear Friends,

You have been called by God and chosen by the people of God for leadership in the ______________ Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship. 

The Christian Educators Fellowship exists to nurture, support, challenge and advocate for persons responsible for fostering discipleship through Christian Education.


Your nomination to leadership recognizes your gifts for leadership in the field of Christian Education and you are called to work among us and for us.

In love we thank you for accepting your obligation, and challenge you to offer your best to the Lord, to this people, and to our ministry throughout the world.


Today we install (names) for leadership in the _______________ Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship. 



Do you this day acknowledge yourself a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ?

I Do.


Will you devote yourself to serving side by side others on the leadership team to

offer faithful, quality leadership development in your local chapter and in ministry with local churches and agencies?

I will.


Will you welcome the stranger in your midst and provide hospitable community to those actively serving, lay or clergy, volunteer or paid in the field of Christian Education?

I will.


Will you model and advocate for inclusivity that honors diversity in the programs and ministries of the _______________ Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship?

I will.


Will you commit yourself to engaging in conversation and action that will challenge the church and transform the world through the ____________ Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship?

I will.


Do you commit yourself to the time, effort and flexibility required to develop the _______________ Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship so it serves as a strong and dynamic organization for those serving in the area of Christian Education?

I do.



Will you remain open to developing technologies and their use in Christian Education?

I will.


Do you commit yourself to being a member of the National Christian Educators Fellowship? 

I do.


Will you encourage membership in the National Christian Educators Fellowship, and attendance at National Conferences, for members of the ___________ Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship?

I will.



Are you committed to visioning for tomorrow while faithfully serving today, to secure the future of the Christian Educators Fellowship in our local chapter and in the greater church?

I will.



Will you embrace the connectional system of the United Methodist Church so that CEF is a valued partner in the connectional system?

I will.


Let us pray:

Loving God, pour out your blessings upon these your servants.  Grant them your heart for service and guide them with your vision, so that together we might be a Chapter that truly nurtures, supports, challenges and advocates for persons in Christian Education.  We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Addressing  the entire membership:

Dear friends, rejoice that God provides laborers for the vineyards.  Will you do all you can to assist and encourage them in the responsibilities to which they have been called, giving them your cooperation, your counsel, and your prayers?

We will.


Adapted from the 1992 United Methodist Book of Worship pp. 599 – 600

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